Listening the Coldplay's Midnight videoclip

I've began to imagine the start of a movie. The protanist, start the engine and drives a classic car in the midnight, like in the Wim Wender's movie Until the end of the world. In Wender's movie, it's a Rover P5, maybe in the movie I'm imaging it could be a Triumph TR6.

It's a stormy summer night. The air is electric. While the coldplay's theme is playing there are flashbacks from a subjective perspective about the protagonist's life like the death and born of dear persons: elders, childs, ..., and planes of tree's with sun rays shining through their sleeves, ... and back again to the city midnight and the city lights treated with a blured effect (typical) a mixture of midnight obscurity and brilliant and disconnected flasbacks. And Coldplay's midnight theme sounding every moment.

The rest of the movie, could be the same: a mixture of subjective planes and a perpetual driving to nowhere, sleeping in motels and eating in road restaurants maybe interacting with excentric and deep people. Through that journey, the disconnected moments of life, begins to have sense in an artistic perspective, making a kind of connection between the people and landscapes in the road, and the people and landscapes of the flashbacks. An interesting journey's mixture.

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